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RT-KVCM4N 4 Holes Couplings For KaVo MULTIflex 465RN
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4 Holes Couplings For KaVo MULTIflex 465RN

Coupler same as kavo MULTIflex 465RN

Model: RT-KVCM4N

Water air adjustable, same function as MULTIflex 465RN.

For Kavo high speed handpiece, 4 holes, non-light model.

Why more expensive comparing with other Versions ?

1. Very good finishing, it's as good as the Kavo Multiflex. When you compare it with the product from another manufacture, you will see our product are perfect in every detail.

2. Funtuioning the same as Multiflex, cluding water and air controling.

3. All in stainless steel.

4. Perfct O Ring, as good as the original.

5. Comfortable for connecting and disconnecting.